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Activities for Quarantine

As we are in uncertain times and we are asked to stay inside, it is becoming harder and harder to remain entertained and stay active. Since seniors are at a higher risk during this coronavirus outbreak, we strongly encourage each of you to maintain your social distancing. With this being said, here are a few of many activities you can do at home while staying safe and healthy.

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Senior Caregivers providing support during COVID19 to Chicago

Dear Community Members, UMAS/MAFS is committed to provide leadership and support throughout the evolving COVID-19 PANDEMIC crisis. As we face new challenges every day, we will continue to offer help, support and resources to the seniors and the community throughout the city of Chicago and its suburbs!

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Thanks for all your love and support on reaching 1000 likes!

We want to thank the community for helping us reach 1000 likes on Facebook!!! We are planning to focus on ongoing marketing with surveys and regular contact with seniors to bring awareness of new services we offer for their well-being. This can be done only through efficient marketing. We believe that by a constant commitment to reach out to community members will increase UMAS’s goal to spread the consciousness of its services! We again thank you all for your continued support and love!

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