Bhaj Govindam

Bhaj Govindam

Bhaja Govindam

Swami Prayag raj Hule delivering the lecture

Bhaja Govindam is a popular Hindu devotional poem in Sanskrit with Vedic philosophy composed by Aadi Shankaracharya, an 8th-century Indian Vedic Scholar. Showering the essence of its exotic poetic beauty to strike the “Moha-mudgaraḥ” for human beings of all religions, with its liberating knowledge of the self at its core, “Bhaja Govindam” aims to urgently wake up everyone from the everlasting slumber of delusion in an incredibly alluring and mysterious fashion, shimmering the aura of divinity within it.

Acharya Prayagraj Hule, a renowned Vedanta Scholar, exhibiting his abundant knowledge of Vedic philosophy of the “Bhag Govindam” Verses, captivated the audience with the “Bhaja Govindam” five-day series at the International University of Vadic Wellness located in Streamwood, Illinois. The spiritual path seekers and those who yearn for a truly peaceful and happy life learned the knowledge of self-actualization, and more so learned to be in the eternal state. While reciting and translating the “Bhaja Govindam” verses in English and Hindi languages, Acharya Hule urged everyone to harness the mind and go beyond “Moh” which keeps a person seduced and entangled in a worldly life filled with struggle, pain, and sorrow, and advised everyone to melt ego and the clutches of desires caused by the inherent modes of nature within to be in the state of “Trance” to be consistently happy and fulfilled. He further stated that Vedic philosophy is not against having a livelihood, may it be money or other materialistic pleasures if a person does not get attached to it. Pointing out the understanding of the worthless relationships and the existence of “I,” when a person is alive which surely ends when death occurs, Acharya Hule transparently conveyed the fact that “Shankara” stated in “Bhaja Govindam” to guard against the miserable and tiring repeated cycle of Birth and Death, and unite with “Govinda,” to be on the way to the path of renunciation. Acharya Hule mentioned going beyond the common rituals and charities and pausing to think about every aspect of ignorance, making humble prayers to God for His Divine Grace, as Shankar has stated in “Bhaja Govindam.” He emphasized having good company, “Satsang” which is instrumental when a person is gradually elevating oneself, including keeping the right Spiritual “Guru,” teacher, and the association of ‘like-minded’ companionship, to create the right spiritual atmosphere to devour/enjoy/feel the knowledge of the soul which can aid to achieve the ultimate, consistent happiness and peacefulness.

Dr. Santosh Kumar, the Executive Director of the Vedic Wellness University, in her speech, communicated the essence of Vedanta’s teachings that as one takes an inward journey, the outside world becomes clearer. Then, the path of ultimate truth and enlightenment can be apparent. She thanked and praised Acharya Hule for his transparent discourses and recital of Sankara’s “Bhaja Govindam” verses for all present at the International University of Vedic Wellness.

The youngest person in the audience, a twelve-year-old student Harsh, commented at the end of this life-changing five-day series that she liked how the ancient verses of wisdom can be translated into present modern life.

Everyone enjoyed a delicious dinner every evening after Acharya Hule’s Vedanta Philosophy retreat.

Dr. Santosh Kumar addressing the media at International University of Vedic Wellness
Founder Director Dr. Santosh Kumar and dignitaries lighting the lamp.