Semi-Annual Training

Semi-Annual Training

UMAS/MAFS strongly believe that understanding and motivating employees are the keys to increasing efficiency in the workplace. It helps its employees to understand how their work fits into our company’s structure, mission, goals, and particularly to improve employee’s work quality and outcomes.

UMAS/MAFS organizes several such trainings to its employees-Home Care Aide (HCA), such as Pre-Employment Training, Semi-Annual Training and many more particularly adhering to the state guidelines. In the year 2019, 28 Semi-Annual Trainings (twice a month) were organized in our 14 different locations with skillful trainers, meticulous quizzes along with raffles and prizes for winners as an incentive. In 2019, UMAS/MAFS gifted approximately 400 gift cards as an encouragement to its employees during the training.

One such training which was also our last Semi-Annual training for 2019 was held on Dec 20th, 2019 at our Carol Stream location. Our CCP (Community Care Program) Supervisor, Ms. Rosa Barraza conducted the training while our Program Director, Ms. Awilda Gonzalez managed the training, raffle, and distributions of the prizes. During every training, prizes are distributed in many forms mostly gift cards to motivate our employees.

Our HCA Winners for this training are:

  1. $100.00 Gift Card Winner Nadia Ali (HCA)
  2. $50.00 Gift Card Winner Nargiza Kurbanova (HCA)
  3. $50.00 Gift Card Winner Parika Malhotra
  4. $25.00 Gift Card Winner to 10 Other HCA
  5. Jashumati Patel won a Fire 7 with Alexa

UMAS/MAFS believes that motivating employee’s enthusiasm promotes attachment, loyalty, and enthusiasm to meet the organizational needs to serve our community seniors efficiently under the guidelines of the state. As a result of the training, our organization has developed an ideal atmosphere for learning, growing and most importantly efficient and dedicated workers. Our employees feel happier in their work and become more excited about the prospect of success and development.