Always On Duty – Bakul Patel (Naperville Driver)

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Always On Duty – Bakul Patel (Naperville Driver)

Bakul Patel- ADS Driver

On July 07, 2021, our Driver Bakul Patel was going about his normal day dropping off Adult Day Care Participants when one of his passengers, Parvesh Malik, became unresponsive halfway through the ride.

Instead of panicking, Bakul took a deep breath and called 911 and the ADS Nurse right away. Within five minutes the paramedics arrived and assessed our Participant and sent him to the ER. Our ADS coordinator followed the paramedics and stayed at the hospital until his family arrived. Because of his quick thinking, Bakul acted and communicated in a way that saved the Participant’s life and his family and everyone at UMAS is grateful for this.

Bakul Patel - Client's son letter

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