Yes, as long as it is not a husband, wife, legal guardian, payee trustee or have power of attorney for participant.

Home visits are done every 3 months (quarterly) for family member workers and every 6 months (semi-annual) for non-family workers.

Caregivers can provide all non-medical services of ADL's (activities of daily living) such as;  personal care, grooming, dressing, housekeeping, laundry, shopping and escort to appointments. Your caregiver can prepare meals for you but not anyone else in your household and is prohibited from purchasing tobacco, alcohol, or lottery tickets for you under any and all circumstances. Breaking any of these rules can lead to suspension of your case or the replacement of your current Caregiver.

  • personal care
  • grooming & dressing
  • housekeeping & laundry
  • shopping
  • escort to appointments
  • meal preparation for others in your household
  • housekeeping/laundry for non-clients in the home
  • purchase tobacco
  • purchase alcohol
  • purchase lottery tickets

By contacting the Provider who sends the Caregiver and requesting a change.

24 hours of pre-employment trainings are conducted 2 times every month at one of our 9 locations for those interested in working with our agency. Ongoing semi-annual (2 times a year for 6 hrs.) training is held thereafter for all employees. For a full list click here.

Electronic Visit Verification is the system agencies use to record the work hours of its employees.  It consists of calling an 800 number provided by the agency from participant's home using a landline telephone to call in and out the work hours on a daily basis.

More information the from the Illinois Department of Human Services or here

If there is no landline telephone in a participant's home then a fixed visit verification device is placed in the home of the participant for the caregiver to punch in and out and then call the 800 number after the work shift is over and enter the numerical digits the device displays.

Our EVV 800 numbers are:

  • 855-868-0205
  • 855-380-7263

Managed Care Organizations are the insurance companies who contract with the State of Illinois to manage all the services a participants receives including homecare and adult day care services.  In order for this to happen the participant must be on Medicaid.

If you are a Medicaid eligible person and/or receive Medicaid benefits, you choose an insurance company who will handle your services.  If you don't choose one the State will automatically assign one to you.   

Adult Day Care is a service that is provided at our centers to senior citizens who want to be with other seniors socializing and doing daily activities rather than staying home alone.  The provider agency will provide transportation to and from the center. In order to attend you must meet the State guidelines for eligibility.

Yes, our centers provide transportation to all participants who qualify. 

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