Activities for Quarantine


As we are in uncertain times and we are asked to stay inside, it is becoming harder and harder to remain entertained and stay active. Since seniors are at a higher risk during this coronavirus outbreak, we strongly encourage each of you to maintain your social distancing. With this being said, here are a few of many activities you can do at home while staying safe and healthy.

Keep Active, Stay Healthy

One of the best things to do while stuck at home is to get your body moving. Participate in some light stretching or if you have a backyard, walk through the backyard at your own pace. Doing some light stretches can be done indoors and outdoors and can help with keeping healthy during quarantine. There are several mediums that provide ideas and demonstrations of activities and exercises that you can do within your own home. Youtube has endless videos that show seated exercises that seniors can most definitely keep up with. Check out these videos to get you started!

Tour Museums, Right From Your Living Room

The internet is also a great way to find ideas to keep yourself entertained during this time. For instance, there are several museums you can tour online right from your couch. From the Louvre in Paris to the Guggenheim in the big apple, you have the ability to see these incredible museums without the travel. Here is a resource that allows you access to more than 500 museums around the world:

Crafts, Arts, and Fun

Another activity that the whole family can join in on is doing fun crafts. Break out the art supplies, possibly a canvas and some paint, and participate in a mini art show alongside family and/or close friends. Don’t have the art supplies? No worries! Arteza has weekly deals for an array of arts and craft supplies. Check them out here:

We’ll get through this!

Although we are in some pressing times, it is best to maintain social distancing and keep everyone occupied until this virus is gone. Battling boredom can get pretty difficult, but utilize the tools around you and find some great activities to do within the comfort of your own home. Here at Universal Metro Asian Services, we are a resource to you and families in the Chicago, IL area. Give us a call, and we are happy to help you brainstorm activities: (847) 306-7606

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