5 Reasons UMAS is the best for Asian Elderly In-Home Care


Universal Metro Asian Services is a care service that offers in-home care as well as adult day care. They have provided services to ethnic seniors since 2000 and aim to serve. Here are 5 reasons that this care service sets themselves apart from ordinary care services.

  1. They provide personalized care and attention. With Universal Metro Asian Services, they work alongside you or your loved one to develop a plan that best fits the needs of the patient. Their goal is to ensure you’re safe, supported, and feel well taken care of.

  2. They help with chores! For a lot of the seniors that require assistance from Universal Metro Asian Services, the everyday chore can be a bit of a hassle. That is where they come in. The caretakers at Universal Metro Asian Services will help with chores like housekeeping and laundry in order for you to live a comfortable and happy life.

  3. They provide free transportation. Universal Metro Asian Services knows that seniors sometimes need to be picked up and dropped off and they provide transportation services in order to do that for you.

  4. They can do the shopping for you. Need to stock up on some groceries for the week? Your caregiver has you covered. As long as your grocery list doesn’t include tobacco. Alcohol, or lottery tickets, your caregiver can snag those items for you.

  5. They assist you with grooming and dressing. While your caregiver is with you in your home, they can assist you with the grooming and dressing in order to relieve some of that stress.

  6. These are 5 reasons that Universal Metro Asian Services is the best equipped with caring and supporting you or your loved one. If you are looking for any of these features, reach out on their website.

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